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About Real Estate Law

The principal of the Law Office of Thomas W. Hale, LLC believes that to trulyunderstand an industry, one must actually participate in it. Real estate is no different. As a property investor, Tom Hale has the necessary experience to understand how to organize a Real Estate investment business. He also understands the disputes that may arise with owning Real Estate; even if it is your personal residence. Quiet enjoyment, boundary line disputes, zoning requirements and complications, financing issues and permits are just a few issues that may arise. We can help.

We can assist with both commercial and residential transactions. As a past title abstractor, Tom understands complications that can arise in transactions and has the knowledge to quickly and effectively solve those problems for a smooth, stress-free transaction.

We can also give clients guidance on successfully setting up and running a property investment business. Tom is passionate about Real Estate and has learned much by actively participating in this field. That, in combination with his extensive legal background, will give his clients the best possible tools to succeed.

What qualifies under Real Estate law?

  • Disputes (quiet enjoyment, boundary line disputes, zoning requirements and complications, financing issues, title defects and permits)
  • Transactions (purchase and sale of commercial and residential Real Estate)
  • Formation and operation of Property Investment/Property Management business Landlord/Tenant disputes

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can assist you with any of these matters.