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About Environmental Law

The Law Offices of Thomas W. Hale, LLC represents clients in a wide variety of toxic exposures from the time of the release through the trial. Our attorneys have had extraordinary success in cases involving toxic exposure to a wide variety of chemicals, pesticides, drugs and substances. We have also had success in guiding clients on how to avoid litigation through risk management techniques. Finally, we have assisted clients in environmental compliance in both Real Estate, as well as in the auto industry.

We handle environmental lawsuits involving cancer, brain injury, lung injury, multiple chemical sensitivity, reactive airways disease, attention deficit disorder, and peripheral neuropathy. We have represented both the injured and the party being sued. Some of the toxins we have dealt with are:

  • lead paint
  • petroleum
  • chlorinated solvents
  • asbestos
  • carbon monoxide
  • arsenic
  • phosgene
  • mold
  • pesticides
  • DES

We have years of experience handling toxic tort cases and are one of the leading toxic tort trial attorneys in Maryland. This includes defense verdicts in lead paint cases in Baltimore City Circuit Court

Tom has argued these cases all the way to the Maryland Court of Appeals. Some of his reported decisions include:

Hamilton v. Dackman, 213 Md App. 589, 75 A. 3d 327 (2013) (Evidence insufficient to show that hazardous lead paint at defendant’s home was the source of the plainti’s lead exposure)

Hamilton v. Kirson, 439 Md. 501, 96 A. 3d 714 (2014) (Circumstantial evidence was legally insufficient to prove causation in lead paint case)

Logan v. Lachia, 196 Md.App. 684 (2009) (Court was within its discretion to exclude experts without a hearing)

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can assist you with any of these matters.