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About Construction Law

The Law Office of Thomas W. Hale, LLC understands the construction industry, and we can assist you with any legal needs that may arise in this industry. We have represented clients relating to contract interpretation, construction defect claims, indemnity actions, collection matters, contract formation, risk reduction, and even in starting their businesses. Our clients have consisted of virtually every type of contractor out there in both the residential and commercial arenas: from general contractors, to site contractors, to utility contractors, to all of the various trade subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, framers, drywall installers, painters, environmental inspectors, roofers, masons, etc.). We have also successfully represented homeowners in those unfortunate situations where a contractor made critical errors in the construction, renovation or repair of their home.

Our goal is to achieve a fair and effective resolution of construction disputes, to provide “outside the box” answers to our clients’ problems and to provide our clients with creative solutions and specific legal strategies for operating a successful business. Tom Hale has “hard hat” field construction experience that allows him to understand the construction process from the perspective of the firm’s clients. Construction is his family business.

Our focus is in delivering legal services in an efficient and cost effective manner. We have had extraordinary success in representing our clients in Court and providing them with the legal tools to succeed.

What qualifies under construction law?

  • Contract formation, negotiation and interpretation
  • Construction defect claims and lawsuits
  • Contractor desertion of a job
  • Breach of contract by a subcontractor or contractor
  • Indemnity actions
  • Collection matters
  • Business risk reduction
  • Business formation
  • Business acquisitions, mergers and sales

Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys can assist you with any of these matters.